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Our Farm

Our farm is located on the beautiful Dan River, just outside of South Boston in southern Virginia.  We moved from town in 2015 to follow our dream of having our children grow up on a farm with room to run and animals to love and take care of.

We enjoy kayaking the river, hiking the farm, and playing with the animals.

The Locals

We raise Myotonic (Tennessee Fainting Goats) and English Shepherds, and are also preparing for West Highland Cattle this spring!  The rest of our crew includes chickens, a peacock, guineas, three "barn" cats, and our Great Pyrenees.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you!  You can reach us at

434-579-0486 or

If you'd like to visit the farm, just let us know and we'll direct you in (everyone ends up at our neighbors)

River Bluff

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